Additional Care Products for Reptiles & other Exotics

In addition to our compressed coconut coir and chip blocks,  our specialty premium hand-mixed bagged substrates, and our bioactive drainage solution products, we also have additional products that work great in all bioactive setups.  Regardless of if your reptile enclosure is just starting out, or your terrarium or Paludarium is already well established, we have a selection of goods that will meet your needs.

Exoticare Long-Strand Sphagnum Moss Enhanced with Spirulina

Exoticare's Long-Strand Sphagnum Moss, enhanced with all-natural Spirulina is a great addition to any bioactive terrarium. 

The Sphagnum we use is grown in the United States.

We blend half our our naturally colored Long-Strand Sphagnum with an equal ratio of our bright green Spirulina enhanced Long-Strand Sphagnum moss.

What you end up with is a product that is pleasing to the eye, and a beneficial addition to any bioactive setup.

The moss has been naturally preserved, and we rehydrated it and package it right away, so the product is fluffy and ready to use straight out of the bag.  

If your moss dries out when it is in your enclosure, just mist it with water, and fluff it up by hand.

12 3/8 x 5 x 14 3/4  Stand-up Resealable Barrier Bag.

Exoticare Just Calcium - Coarse, Unbleached Calcium for Bioative Setups

Exoticare's Just Calcium is made of 100% calcium carbonate. 

It is a perfect addition to bioactive enclosures that house isopods, millipedes, centipedes, springtails, etc.  It provides an excellent calcium source for all feeder insects, pet insects, and clean-up crews.

Just sprinkle a little bit over the top layer of your substrate, put it in a little dish for your insects to find & consume, or mix it straight into the substrate.  The choice is all up to you!

Our Just Calcium comes in a resealable barrier bag, with a self-standing base, for ease of use and storage.  The bag it is packaged in ensures the calcium will stay dry and fresh, and will prevent any moisture getting in.

3 LB Bag.

Exoticare Premium Reptile Egg Incubation Medium

Our premium egg incubation medium is a great way to incubate your reptile eggs.

With it's superior porosity, and humidity retention properties, it is easy to make sure your eggs are kept at the proper humidity. 

Our egg incubation medium is an all-natural, clay-based formula, that changes color as the moisture levels change, making it easy to tell when more humidity needs to be added to your incubation containers. 

This medium can be used for incubation various types of reptile eggs, from lizards, to geckos, to snakes.  

Comes in a 5 LB resealable, stand-up barrier bag.

Exoticare Cypress - 100% Cypress Mulch/Chip Bedding

Exoticare Cypress is a premium substrate made from 100% organic Cypress mulch/chip.  

This product is all-natural, and organic. 

Exoticare Cypress is ready to use, straight out of the bag. Just open, and pour.

Works great for  species that are naturally found in forest type ecosystems.

Perfect for use in an already established Bioactive setup, or just starting out. 

2 LB bag.

Exoticare Rice Hull Bedding - For Arid Species

The best substrate for species naturally found in more arid habitats.

100% all-natural organic blanched rice hulls.

This substrate is ready to use, straight out of the bag. Just open, and pour.

Also works great as a drainage solution in bioactive enclosures.

2 LB bag.