Build-Your-Bio Customizable Bioactive Bundles

We are happy to announce our new Build-Your-Bio Bioactive Bundle group of products. All of our products are ideal for starting your own Bioactive terrarium for your Reptiles or other exotics, such as Tarantulas, Millipedes, Isopods, etc.

YOU choose which products you would like to bundle together. You can choose   completely different products, or all of the same type if desired.

The 12 different bagged products you may choose from include:

Isocare, Bioactive, Bioforest, Rice Hulls Bedding, Biospheres, Cypress Mulch/Chip, Desert Blend, Incubation Medium, Wormiculture, Orchidcare, Ready Coir, & Ready Chips.

The Compressed Blocks we have to choose from for the 3 Block Bundle include:

Exoticare Coconut Husk Coir, Exotichip Coconut Husk Chip, Wormiculture Coconut Coir, & Orchidcare Coconut Husk Chip.

Our bundles sells at a discounted rate to save you money when you are setting up your new bioactive terrarium or enclosure.  

The products you have to choose from are the official full-sized bags & blocks..... 

no little tiny trial-sized bags or blocks are substituted in order to save on our cost.

All products are 100% natural and eco-friendly.  Each bagged product comes in a stand-up resealable bag to keep contents fresh, and excess moisture out.

All of our Bundles include free Fed Ex Home Delivery.