Important FAQs about Compressed Coconut Blocks

Important Facts about Exoticare's Compressed Coconut Blocks

We do our very best to ensure that the products that we send out to our products are the highest quality possible.  

While our specialty premium hand-blended substrates are mixed & bagged by us, our Compressed Coconut Blocks are machine compressed & bagged.

The coconut husk chip & coir in these blocks, (as well as every other Compressed Coconut Chip company out there) are baled with twine/jute, to ensure they do not fall apart during the compression & bagging process.

While every effort is made to make sure that no jute or twine is left behind in the compressed & packaged blocks, occassionally a foreign piece of material may be left behind.

For this reason, we HIGHLY encourage our customers to sift through the hydrated coconut chip or coir before adding it to their Reptile's enclosure, to make sure nothing is accidentally ingested by your beloved pet.