We don't just produce products aimed at reptiles.... we also have special products for your insects as well.  Feeder insects, pet insects, composting worms, your cleanup crews in bioactive setups- we have them all covered.


Exoticare products tailored to insect needs include:


  • Wormiculture Premium Earthworm & Nightcrawler Bedding - This substrate is 100% organic & sustainable Coconut Husk Coir.  It comes in a Ready-To-Use 3 LB bag, or as a 5 KG compressed block, that needs to be rehydrated with water.

  • Isocare All-In-One Isopod Substrate - a food & substrate combo suitable for isopods, millipedes, centipedes, and springtails.  This mix is handblended, and consists of Long Strand Sphagnum Moss, Peat Moss, Coconut husk Chip, Coconut Husk Coir, Coarse Unbleached Calcium, and several types of vegetative matter as a food source.

  • Super Hydrating Water Crystals - These dry crystals are the cleaner, more hygienic way to provide a water source for your feeder & pet insects. Using water crystals helps prevent water contamination & accidental drowning of insects by eliminating open bowls of water.  Just 1 OZ of dry crystals makes 1 gallon of hydrated water crystals once water is added.