About Us


We are a family-owned business, based out of the heartland of the United States. We have been keeping & caring for reptiles and other exotics for nearly 30 years. We started out with one lone Cornsnake, and our love of reptiles grew from that point on. 

We started Exoticare, LLC out of a desire to find better products for use with our own reptiles. After much research, and searching high and low, we took everything we learned and applied it to creating high quality reptile products that are not only great for our own reptiles and exotics, but as eco-friendly as well.

Over the years, we have kept and bred over 300 different species of reptiles. Right now, we keep mainly Rhacodactylus geckos,  Paroedura geckos, and several different types of Garter snakes and Hognose snakes.

We first grew interested in the Coconut Husk substrate craze, and loved how it helped keep the humidity up in enclosures that needed more moisture.  That snowballed into trying and developing several other products, aimed at species with other requirements, such as those from Forest habitats, and also more arid species. 

We are regular faces at several of the reptile shows around the midwest, and we are also proud members of Usark.org. 

Our daughter also has inherited the love of animals from us, and she recently graduated with her Bachelor's Degree in Fisheries & Wildlife from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.