Some new exciting products that we have added to the Exoticare line...

We are very happy to announce that we have several new exciting products now available on our website.  We have been testing these for several months now, & they were available locally to a few select pet stores, but we are now able to provide them to the masses, on a global scale.

New products already on the website include: 

Exoticare Cypress - a premium substrate consisting of cypress mulch & chip

Exoticare BioForest - a handmixed blend of Cypress & Coco Husk Chip, with added Topsoil, supplemented with coarse unbleached calcium.

Exoticare Rice Hulls Bedding for Arid Species

Exoticare Wormiculture - Coconut Husk Coir Substrate for Earthworms, Nightcrawlers, & Composting Worms.

Exoticare Orchidcare - Coconut Husk Chip Substrate for Orchids.


We also have a few products that we will be adding in the coming days/weeks.

These products include:

Exoticare BioSpheres - Expanded Clay Terrarium Substrate

Exoticare BioChips - Bioactive blend of Coconut Husk Chip, Topsoil, & Coarse Unbleached Calcium.

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